Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Roving Photographer - Summer Delights

In addition to our ever popular Roving Reporter series, we now have a Roving Photographer! For this blog post, our Roving Photographer is Stephanie Schan. I personally have been a long time fan of Stephanie`s photography...and I think you will too! I challenged our Roving Photographer to take some summer pictures and here is what she said....

Hi everyone! Roving Photographer Stephanie here, looking for summer. Here in the Ottawa Valley summer has hit with a vengeance. We’re sweltering in plus 40C humid weather. But, let’s say you couldn’t feel the temperature, and didn’t have a calendar in front of you……how would you know it was summer? Look around you. Use your photographic eye and “see” summer.

The wildflowers are back. The roadsides are blanketed with Queen Anne’s Lace, day lilies, black eyed susans and purple loosestrife.

And with the wildflowers, the bees are buzzing and the butterflies are flitting!

The farmers are busy getting the hay into their barns. With such a short season here, most fields only have two cuttings. A good summer is three cuttings of hay.

Look up in the sky! Did you notice those big fluffy clouds? Summer is the only season when you will see those flat bottomed fluffy clouds.

We were headed into Ottawa yesterday and drove by the school bus depot. My son said “Look Mom, even the buses are on summer vacation!”

These are just a few ideas of how you can capture summer in your photos. I’d love to see what you can photograph that will say SUMMER.

What do you think? When you see these images do they just scream summer to you????


Rosie said...

Fabulous photos Stephanie!

Lorraine said...

Stunning photography, Stephanie! I am totally in awe. TFS!

RubyM said...

Cool photos.