Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fabulous Fundamental: Transferring Negative Images using Elizabeth Craft Designs Transfer Sheets

Good day Everyone! Today we have a special treat...a blog post from Carolyn Waldschmidt. She is going to demonstrate how we transfer the negative sticker image  using Elizabeth Craft Designs products. So without further adieu...

Today we are going to show you how you can use the sticker negatives that are left when using the Elizabeth Crafts Peel Off Sticker sheets. You will need to use a Transfer Sheet to move the images. If you have been using your peel off outline stickers you are left with the negative images on the sheet.

Choose the sticker image you want to transfer and cut it out of the sheet. Peel away any parts of the sticker sheet you don’t want transferred. As you can see there is very little waste in a peel off sheet.

Cut a piece of your transfer sheet to size for your chosen image. Peel off the liner of the transfer sheet and place the clear sheet over the sticker negative. Rub the image to adhere the sticker parts to the transfer sheet. Carefully lift the transfer sheet off with the sticker negative.

Place the transfer sheet with image on your chosen project, for example a piece of cardstock. Rub over the image once again to stick it on your cardstock. Peel off the transfer sheet and you have transferred the negative sticker.

 Keep your transfer sheet and place the liner back on as the transfer sheet can be used multiple times for this purpose. Complete and decorate your project. Here is a card I made:

Another use for the transfer sheet is to make a sticker repositionable. Choose the sticker image you want to make repositionable, in this case a sticker I had already glittered and colored. Cut a piece of transfer sheet to size for your image.

Peel off the back liner of the sticker you’ve prepared and place the sticker on top of the transfer sheet. Then cut out the image so you will have 3 layers, sticker, transfer sheet and transfer sheet liner.

When you peel off the transfer sheet liner you will get a sticker that can be used on multiple surfaces and repositioned as desired.  They can be placed on metal, glass, plastic or wax, giving you lots of options. Have fun!

 Thank you so much Carolyn!

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