Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fabulous Fundamental: Using Copics with Elizabeth Craft Designs Stickers

Today we have a fabulous blog post from Carolyn Waldschmidt. Thank you Carolyn!

At the Carnival, this is the very popular snowman tag we created to demonstrate the products:  Elizabeth Craft Peel-Off stickers, Glitter Ritz Micro-fine Transparent Glitter and Copic markers.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our demo table and waited patiently for their turn to give it a try.

Once you see how easy this technique is you will want to try it yourself and there are so many different applications to use the stickers. Plus, it’s wonderful to have another use for your Copic markers.

These instructions will show the snowman sticker tag but the technique is the same for any sticker you choose.

  • Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive tape (Sookwang) to the correct size needed for your sticker. Then you may adhere one side of the double-sided adhesive to a piece of cardstock also cut to size. I used white as I wanted the snowman to be white. 
  • Peel off the tape liner to expose the sticky surface. Don’t throw your liner away! Place it slick side up on your work surface. 
  • Take your sheet of Elizabeth Craft stickers and gently peel the outline of the sticker. You may find tweezers helpful for this. You need to place the outline sticker sticky side up on the liner you saved. This is so you can realign any areas of the sticker that get twisted or misshapen when you peel it. This step is recommended by Elizabeth Crafts as the bigger or more intricate the sticker the more likely you will need to realign it before placing on adhesive. The stickers are vinyl and pretty forgiving of some tugging and pulling. The hardest part of this whole process will be getting your fingers unstuck from the sticker!

  • Now carefully pick up your exposed adhesive cardstock piece and place sticky side down on top of your outline sticker. This is how you keep the outline sticker nicely aligned. Rub over the outline sticker firmly to make sure it is adhered. Now you can peel off the liner once again and your sticker is ready for glitter.

  • Using the Glitter Ritz micro-fine transparent glitter you can pour a small amount onto your sticker. Rub the glitter all over the image with your finger. This is to “burnish” it in, fixing it firmly and bringing out the shine of the glitter. Brush away excess.  You use a tiny amount of glitter in this process, so one jar will do lots of projects.

  • Now color your image with copics as desired. You will want to keep a “light” hand and do not color too heavily in one place as you may rub the glitter off. If any glitter stays on the tip of your copic it can be wiped off easily.

  • Next step is to cut out your image along the black outline and place your image on your project. Voila! You are done!

Here are some different ways to use the glittered stickers. Instead of adhering to cardstock as we did for the tag, either leave the bottom liner in place (if you have the Sookwang sheets) or if you have the Sookwang tape you can place it on some wax or parchment paper temporarily. Then you complete the sticker as directed and peel off the bottom liner or wax paper and adhere your sticker to glass, china, candles, wood, or plastic. As you can see there are lots of options to create some fabulous projects!

Absolutely stunning Carolyn! Thank you for this blog post!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous! Great tutorial!TFS!

Ruth G said...

These are all wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing how you did this!!!