Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Special Assignment from our Roving Reporter

Welcome to another post from our Roving Reporter. This time our Roving Reporter is Andrea Weibe. Here is her post. Enjoy!


Hand stitching is an easy way to add dimension and texture to your paper crafting projects. By adding just a bit of stitching you can add so much warmth and homespun charm. Embroidery floss comes in a wide range of colour, is inexpensive, and easy to do! If you’ve never embroidered before you’ll want to look up a couple of different stitches such as the running stitch and a back stitch.

Starting with a button or five is a great way to get started with hand stitching. Making a border with a simple running stitch can really finish of a project off perfectly. Once you get the hang of it you’ll want to try different stitches for really exciting results.

Hand stitching can really make your focal point pop! Adding a simple circle or shape really helps draw attention to a favorite photo. Simply trace your object, pre-poke and stitch away. Hand stitching does take a little bit of extra time but the end result is totally worth it!


• Use “mouse pad” so you’ll be able to pre-poke your paper with a push pin with ease.

• Keep a needle threaded with black or white embroidery floss for easy access…you’ll be able to sew those buttons on in a jiffy.

• Remember not to pull too hard or you’ll tear your paper. If this happens just grab some tape and stick your paper back together.

• When making a *curvy* design you’ll want to make sure your holes are closer together so the design flows easily.

• Buy embroidery floss to match your papers to add a little surprise here and there!


I love to add a decorative title to my page using hand stitching.

Being that I’m constantly *rearranging* my page before I do the final glue down I like to make my title on a separate piece of paper. Here is a quick and easy way to add a fun title to your projects.
• Hand write your word(s) on a piece of scrap paper or you can always use your computer printer to do this part if you’d like.

• Place your word on a piece of cardstock and pre-poke using a push pin and a surface such as a mouse pad. Poke your holes about every 1/8th of an inch.

• Thread your needle and begin sewing. Sometimes with all those holes you may loose your spot. It’s a good idea to refer back the paper where you first wrote your word so you can make sure that your stitches are going in the right direction.

• I like to cut my word out to really make it pop! Just make sure that you don’t accidentally cut where you’ve stitched.

Thank you Andrea! I have always wanted to try this and you have certainly inspired me to give it a go!

What about you? Let Andrea what you are thinking too!


Anonymous said...

these are great inspiration pieces. I've never done stitching on any project ever, but I may just give it a try, starting off small of course...

Lisa L. said...

I love stitching too! I have tons of floss from my cross-stitching days so that helps with colour choices. Great job on your samples! I need to go stitch! Lisa L.

Jess said...

You make it look so easy! Beautiful work... I *must* put this on my list!

AmberT said...

That's so cool Andrea- thanks for sharing!

Jamie V said...

Gorgeous Andrea!! I love any and all stitching- your instructions are excellent!

Neisey said...

Oooh...I'm so gonna try to trim out a word - looks really great. TFS!

Rosie said...

Thanks for all the great tips Andrea! I love the cut out word!

Anonymous said...

I love sewing on pages. Need to try to do it more for titles. Love how you trimmed around the word.

Anonymous said...

Great projects and I do need to do more hand stitching. I've kept a piece of packing foam, not styrofoam, but that air foam, to use under my projects that I'm poking at.

Kelly said...

Love stitching on my layouts! Thanks Andrea!