Thursday, April 6, 2017

New in the Store

There are a number of new products now in the store. Here are a few that are sure to be popular:

Vicki Boutin Iridescent Glaze, this along with the Gold Glaze and Glossy Glaze sold out at the Crop and Create event. They are lovely in person and the Iridescent and Gold glazes can be used on their own or mixed with paint to create a unique look.

Another popular product at Crop and Create were these papers from an all Canadian company based right here in Calgary, Wild Whisper Designs:

You'll be seeing more of Wild Whisper Designs in the store in the future, they also produce journal cards, stamp sets and chipboard/wood veneer that coordinate with the collection packs.

There is more to see in the store, click on this April 1 New Products link to check it out!

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