Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fabulous Fundamental: Combining Pattern Paper

Do you love pattern paper? I adore pattern paper, so much so that I have amassed quite a collection! As well, I find it hard to choose which pattern paper to use on a project when there are oh so many to choose from! So rather than choosing, I have taken a more "collaborative" approach...a little of everything! LOL

Here are my primary governing principles for using multiple pieces of pattern paper on a project-

"All in moderation" - when I use multiple pieces of pattern paper, I use small amounts of the various papers so the project does not look confused and overwhelming. I carefully craft my layout so that the photos take centre stage and the pattern papers complement the photos. 

"Same but different" - to blend the various pattern papers in a pleasing manner, I choose hues and patterns that have the same value, so no one paper or pattern dominates.
"Why invent the wheel?" - scrapbooking time is precious in my house. As such, I do not want to spend precious time finding the perfect coordinating pattern papers so I use manufacturer collections as much as possible. They are brilliant! But better yet...about 98% of my layouts are created using the SSZ monthly kits; Sandy is genius!

Now let me give you an example or two!

Can you spot the 5 different pattern papers from October Afternoon in this layout?

Or the 7 Graphic45 pattern papers here?

Or the 6 Authentique pattern papers in this layout? (This is one of my all time favorite SSZ monthly kits! Just wanted to share that tidbit too!!)

How many pieces of pattern paper do you use on your projects?


Rosie said...

Great information Virginia and that that G45 layout is fabulous!!!

Ruby said...

Thanks for the ideas about the PP. I never usually count mine but I like to use a kit already put together, manufacturer selection from 1 company or at times be brave and mix and match.

Ruby said...

I forgot to add that I like all our layouts that you posted. Thanks Very inspirational.