Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's quickly approaching!

Do you find that we all talk a lot about Mother's Day more so than Father's Day? Mabye it's just me but I think that's the case sometimes. (sorry dads).

Anyways, the day to celebrate our Dad's is coming up quickly and I'm excited because I get to be with my dad on Father's Day and I haven't had that opportunity in a long time (because we lived far away).

What are some of the things that you like to do with your dad? What are your favorite memories? Do you have similiar qualities/characteristics? Do you live close to one another or far apart? Do you have a great relationship or a not-so-great one?
These are all questions that you could incorporate into journaling for a layout about your dad. Don't you think that would be a great idea?? :) I sure do! In fact, I'm going to do this sometime very soon.

But for now I want to share with you a little something I made for my dear hubby from his children (and me. :)). It's an album that I made from scratch.  
  • Cut up chipboard, 
  • covered it with paper, 
  • adhered photos to some pieces of cardstock (for added support)
  • bound it all together with my Bind-it-All

I hope that you are able to spend a wonderful day with your Dad this coming Father's Day amking memories that you last you for years to come. 


Jess said...

Great post Laura! I journal about my kids' Dad all the time, but rarely my own... this is the perfect time to do just that! Love your album too...what a great gift!

Virginia said...

That is a beautiful album Cari!

Laura said...

Dh will love it Cari - what a gorgeous album!

Jess said...

OK Cari... you know I meant you right? LOL Sorry about that... someone coulda given me a heads up?

Heather M. said...

what a beautiful album, cari!

Anonymous said...

Cari what a great gift, TFS