Friday, November 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Anything But Challenge

Today we have a wonderful Fabulous Friday Anything But challenge from Carolyn. I know I'll be making several of these! Here is Carolyn...

With Christmas fast approaching now seems a good time to get a start on those gifts. Here is a little gift card holder that comes to you in the shape of an ornament. I made mine from the beautiful Midnight Frost line by Bo Bunny.

Step 1

Cut 2 circles from cardstock or pattern paper the size you want your gift card holder to be. Mine are 4.5 in so they will fit in a square envelope.

Step 2

Cut one more circle of the pattern paper and cut in half as this will form the pocket to hold the gift card.

Step 3

Cut a rectangle from cardstock or pattern paper. This will form the topper on your ornament. You can size it as desired. I cut mine 1.75in x 2.5in. Score the rectangle in the middle to fold over the circles. Trim the ends with a border punch or pattern scissors as desired.

Step 4

Attach the ornament topper (rectangle) to the top of both circles as shown. Punch a hole in the top of the topper for a hanging ribbon.

Step 5

Adhere your half circle to the inside back circle to form a pocket. Embellish as desired.

Step 6

Embellish the front of your gift card holder as desired. Thread a length of ribbon through the hole you punched in the topper leaving a loop. Voila! A cute little gift card holder you can hang on your Christmas tree.

Thank you Carolyn for this awesome tutorial!