Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fabulous Fundamental - Distressing Part 1

There are so many wonderful techniques in scrapbooking and cardmaking. One of the techniques that I wish I could successfully master is Distressing! Fortunately, Design Team member Laura Gilhuly is an expert at it and has graciously prepared a 3-part series to share her secrets! Thank you Laura!

I love to distress my projects.....things never seem done to me until I have inked I thought that would be were I would start....INKING!

Grab a piece of paper, your favorite ink pad and a make up sponge or ink applicator.

There are different ways to can use the ink pad.

And your edge will look like this

If you would like to accent your edges, run your ink pad at a 90 degree angle to darken all the edges.

My favourite way is to use a make up sponge...

Press your sponge onto your ink pad and get it quite inky (is that a word? lol)
Apply the sponge directly onto the paper pulling away

It will look like this...

For a darker and more dramatic look, lay your paper on a hard surface with a scrap paper showing over the edge. saturate your make up sponge and while pressing down pull back on the sponge.

You can control your width of distressing....

in the end your inking could look like this

Thank you Laura! Absolutely stunning!  I am going to give this a whirl!


Rosie said...

Thanks for sharing your techniques Lara!

Jennifer Reynard said...

Gorgeous layout and beautiful job on the distressing!