Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Our Newest Design Team Member - Laura Gilhuly

It is my pleasure to introduce Scrap Shotz's newest Design Team Member - Laura Gilhuly. She is super sweet, super talented and super creative! Here are some fun facts about Laura!

What name do you usually go by? Do you have a nickname that you could share?

You will most commonly hear me called 'mom' Sometimes I forget I have naotehr name! lol! As for hubby tells me I am his angel, whenever he needs me I am there. He drives long haul truck, before we had kids I would often go with him. He gave me the handle 'angelbear' He said I had the face of an angel and the temperment of a bear if you made me stuck and now I use it on any of the scrapbooking forums I belong to.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

family oriented, devoted, loyal, creative, non morning person!

Where do you currently live? Where would you like to live?

I live in a small city, Wallaceburg, in southwestern Ontario. It has a population of 20,000 and is home. I would love o have a winter home in BC!

Is your scrap area usually neat or creatively messy?

My hubby set up the basement for my scrappy room, but I hate to leave my boys upstairs by themselves so I usually just fill up my wicker basket and bring it upstairs with all my stuff for teh layout I am working on and go from there. I will scrap at my coffee table or dining room table then pack up my stuff and put it away. That way I can scrap and be iwth my boys or watch tv.

What colour is your scrap room?

ummmmmm, its whatever color the room is that I am in! lol!

You might be surprised to know(finish the rest of the sentence)...

that I want to get a tattoo for my 40th birthday. I want to get a cowboy boot (for hubby) with a halo laying over it (for me) and then three stars (one for each boy and one for the baby we lost)

What is your favourite scrapbooking/cardmaking colour?

I love to work with browns and earth tones! I am a grungey scrapper and those colours really scream tobe inked and distressed to me!

What tool do you use the most? Why?

I think it would be Tum Holtz edge distresser!

Do you have a scrapbooking and/or cardmaking tip that you could share?

check out the blog! I am sharing how to make barn stars! Also when using perfect pearls and you don't want the little tip on the end....squeeze a few then tap the bottom of the page lightly and they will round out!

What is your guilty pleasure?

my hubby!

What time of day do you do the majority of your scrapping?

usually at night after the kids go to bed!

Do you snack when you scrap?

no.......I try not to eat after 8pm

What food would you like to eat every single day if you could?

if I could eat chocolate everyday and it not add to my hips I owuld love to eat it!

My favourite chore is (finish the sentence)...

steaming my floors...I love how they look after I am done and with teh steamer it's a quick job!

Do you share every scrappy purchase with your DH?

yup! he doesn't care!

I wish I had (finish the sentence)...

more scrappy stuff....there are so many awesome lines out there right now I want!

Please share your favourite project to date.

I had a hard time choosing this one! but I think it is 'I will love you forever' I hardly have any photos of my hubby & I so i really love it when have a good one. My best friend is a budding photographer, and has taken our family shots for the last couple of years and I love her eye for photography. This photo is fab and I worked hard to do it justice.

Thank you Laura - I enjoyed getting to know you better! Please give Laura a warm welcome!


Char said...

It was really nice "getting to know you better"! Congrats on being a member of this awesome design team!

RubyM said...

Love all your work. It is so inspiring. I did a scraplift of this layout as it was one of my favourites. Thanks for inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

I love your work! Nice to meet another non-morning person!

Laura said...

Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments! I am very excited to be on this amazing team!