Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Anything But Challenge

It can't be Anything But Friday here at Scrap Shotz!!!! Yes, our lovely Lizette has an Anything But challenge for us to kick off the weekend!

MINI AlBUMS- the perfect coffee table accent, the perfect gift for that special someone, the perfect way to use up your stash! Someone once asked me it must be hard to make a mini album. My answer is NO, it is a lot of fun and at times a quick project.

Get started by picking the size and shape of the album.

You can make your own covers or like I did buy one! And create your mini album by using the same methods, and steps you use creating a LO or card.

A mini album is also a way to use new techniques that you may want to try but haven't had the chance, like painting, paper piecing, embossing, etc. It can also be an purge outlet. Mix and mach those two flowers or bling left from a pack or those odds ends of the beautiful papers ribbons and so on and so fort.

My challenge to you is to make a mini album.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful mini album with us Lizette!!! Happy a wonderful scrappy weekend!


Rosie said...

Sweet looking album!

RubyM said...

This is a gorgeous little album. I stopped making them as I ended up with too many and no where to put them. I still have one to do of my GD, but I will have to work on it some other time as I am visiting DD and spending great time with GD.