Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Roving Reporter - Wainwright Stampede

We are so lucky to have Lorraine Melin, former Scrap Shotz Guest Designer, be our Roving Reporter this week. Her assignment was to report a special event held in her neck of the woods; I wanted to get to know Wainwright.

Read Lorraine's report on the Wainwright Stampede below. I have to warn you...the pictures are absolutely stunning! Beautiful job Lorraine...and I sure look forward to seeing your layouts with these pictures!

The Wainwright Stampede has been an annual event in our town for over 55 years. I can proudly tell you that I haven't missed one for 45 of them. My parents were on the committee while I was growing up, and I've been serving on the executive since 1985. Here are a few photos of the event this year.

We had bucking horses and bucking bulls.

Editor's Note: The thrill and the excitement must be contagious! Great shot!

The Wild Pony Race, where kids try to ride a miniature pony that has other ideas.

This is the Wainwright Stampede Riders Drill team, waiting for the parade to start.

And here they are performing their drill.

The rodeo included steer wrestling.

We had Canadian Professional Chuckwagon races.

And these girls who have to be in the best physical condition of anyone. I think getting into this position would be a piece of cake – it’d be the getting back up on the horse that would be the tricky part!

Editor's Note: Yikes! They are amazing!

There were plenty of other exciting events, and I have so many pictures, but I wanted to share just one more with you. Here’s one of my favourite little cowboys.

Thanks for joining me on my Wainwright Stampede tour. We’ll be doing it all over next June. You should join us!

Thank you Lorraine! Please join me in thanking our Roving Reporter!


Stephanie said...

Awesome Lorraine! Your photos give a real feel to the Stampede!

Rosie said...

Great report Lorraine! Love seeing the fun times at the Stampede in Wainwright!

Jamie V said...

I LOVE small town stampede/rodeos!
looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lorraine, thanks for the great shots and information!