Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Roving Reporter - The Saga of Mo and Jo

***The Roving Reporter returns with a fabulous article by Kelly Smith (KZ). Enjoy!***

Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved to scrapbook. She adored her two little friends Mo and Jo and how they made creating effortless! One day however she woke up to find that Mo and Jo had left. She was aghast and didn’t know what she could do!

Being the good scrapbooker she was, she went first to her online forum to see if Mo and Jo had been lost there. No, her comrades in cardstock assured her. They did however have some suggestions about where she could look.

So, the woman took them up on their suggestions and looked in one place after another.

First, she flipped through several scrap magazines and put sticky notes on pages that looked interesting.

Next, she perused online forums seeking Mo and Jo’s return. She put several beautiful layouts in her “favourites” folder for future reference.

Then, she went to her scrap stash and fondled some lovely patterned paper. Wait! Was that Mo or Jo she saw in the pattern?

Excitedly, she then found a photo that seemed to “speak” to her. Was it Mo and Jo calling her name?

Finally, she succumbed to the siren call of the adhesive and paper. While not “feeling” Mo or Jo near her she thought that she might as well start. She looked at her favourite online forum for the design team challenges for the month. With a less than enthusiastic outlook, she started to plan her first “MoJo-less” page.

Surprisingly, she found that the more she worked on her page, the stronger she felt her Mo aligning with Jo… They weren’t completely back after the one page (in fact it looked awful, she thought) but she also felt it was a start. After a good night sleep and a good meal, she felt that her MoJo wouldn’t be away much longer.

The moral of this tale: Mo and Jo are waiting for you. They love to sit on your shoulders and encourage and prompt you to create beautiful (or average) pieces of art BUT anyone can lose them at some time or other. When it happens to you (and if you have scrapbooked very long it already has) there are several ways to “find” your MoJo again. The solutions are different for everyone, and may vary from one time to the next. But, hold on. MoJo desires to be with you. Your mojo will always come looking for YOU!

***Many thanks to our Roving Reporter:  Kelly Smith (KZ)***


Lorraine said...

LOL! Good tale, Kelly!

Jamie V said...

I love it Kelly... :)

Rosie said...

Great article Kelly! Thanks for the encouragement!

Stephanie said...

Well said Kelly!

Char said...

Too funny and yet so true! Love how that was written!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Kelly...I've been feeling like Mo and JO flew the coop a little while ago...start something, don't know how to finish it. No desire to create. Hopefully my mojo will be back soon.

Kelly said...

I'm sure they will, Erica. They love you. :-)