Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Lovin' Scrapping Challenge #2

Are you ready for Challenge #2? It's a card to layout challenge. The weather has been so SO nice today that I have been spending all my time outdoors. I love summer!

Here is the card.

Some ideas for you...this is a set of 3 mini cards. Feel free to add groups of 3 elements to your layout or lift a design from the card for your layout. I happen to have a layout that was inspired by the design of the card on the right.

I look forward to seeing your interpretations of the challenge!


RubyM said...

Beautiful cards and layout. Now to plan a layout using your cards.

Rosie said...

Fabulous lo V! I love this challenge!

RubyM said...

Here is my layout from the card challenge. I used the one on the left with the colours and circles on it.

Rosie said...

Can you guess which card I was inspired by? Yup, the same one as Ruby, the one on the left!

layout here

Tanya C said...

Here is mine. I focused on the linear feel of the cards:

kiwicanuck said...

inspired by the middle card