Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Roving Photographer - Summer Sports

The Roving Photographer continues with Scrap Shotz's special Correspondent and Roving Photographer, Rosie Neustaedter. Here is her report.

Baseball players are generally known as "the boys of summer" since the majority of the season takes place during the summer months. I've got two ball players in my house and summer means the regular season ends and all star season begins so with kids on two different teams, I have double the photo opportunities! Photographing sports can be challenging. You can't get up close on the field of play for closeups, the play can move quickly making it difficult to capture the action-you don't have time to fiddle with settings during a game. In baseball specifically, there is a chain link to have to shoot through if you want photos from behind the catcher. I've found that with patience, the sports mode on my camera, a little luck and being okay with non-action shots, I've captured some great memories.

I love this shot where I managed to get the ball in the frame.

The look on my son's face is priceless and makes so much sense when you see where the ball is. Not one to swing on that's for sure.

This is the view from the stands of my older son starting at 2nd base. I got up close to the chain link fence and shot through it for this photo.

Here is the perspective with the fence in view.

Another lucky shot with the ball in the frame!

Here are a few photos that will be a nice reminder of the game itself in our scrapbook.

Every photo will definitely not be a winner when photographing a sports event so I've learned to be happy with the imperfect as well!

Thank you Rosie for your special report! I love all your photos!

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