Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Lorraine, Our Guest Designer

Have you met Lorraine Melin, our Guest Designer? I have been fortunate enough to miss Lorraine in person and she is warm, bubly and super duper nice! Here is my interview with Lorraine!

What name do you usually go by? Do you have a nickname that you could share?

My name is Lorraine, but also answer to Pearl. It’s a long story, and I won’t bore you with it, but even my kids and grandchildren call me that. I’d be surprised if my grandsons even know my real name.

Where do you currently live? Where would you like to live?
I live on a farm about 4 miles from town, in east central Alberta. We built our dream home here a few years ago on a ¼ section of land where I grew up. It’s a smaller house, but great for the 2 of us, as we’re empty nesters. This is the perfect place for me as it’s about a 5-minute walk across the yard and around the bush to my daughter’s home, and my grandsons!

Is your scrap area usually neat or creatively messy?

It’s almost always messy. I go in there with the greatest intentions of getting it all put away, and find something else that I’d rather do. I need to have scrappy company every now and then, just so I have some incentive to put it all away!

Can you tell us one unknown fact about yourself?

I was a Rodeo Princess in my graduating year. (A long, long, time ago!) I always loved to ride, and have always had at least one horse until a couple of years ago.

What is your favourite scrapbooking/cardmaking colour?

Browns are the “little black dress” in my scrapping. I love to put a splash of color with the brown though, and I’ve never met a color that didn’t like brown.

What tool do you use the most? Why?

I use my tweezers the most. I have eczema on my hands and I wore cotton gloves for 2 years 24/7. I had to learn to use them for everything scrappy, as I couldn’t pick up a brad without them. I just stayed in the habit.

Describe your scrappy/cardmaking style?

I didn’t think I had a style, then one night in a hotel room, Jess and I had this discussion and we pulled out a bunch of my layouts and spread them on the bed. Apparently, it’s quite obvious. In my layouts, the focus is always on the photographs; I’m pretty linear, but since I like to distress, my layouts don’t have a super clean look. I tend to embellish sparingly, but I’m not afraid to use big lumpy things either.

My cards are usually multi-layered, and like my layouts, are pretty linear, although most have some distressing on them.

What kind of camera do you use? Can you share a favourite photo?

I have a Canon Rebel xSi, which I love. Here is a photo that I took of my nephew and his new bride last month. I love it when a photo can make me smile, and this one does.

Do you use your camcorder? What do you use if for?

I don’t have a camcorder right now.

Do you have a scrapbooking and/or cardmaking tip that you could share?

I am a believer in giving everything the little bit extra, like inking or finishing the edges, because I think it shows in the end product.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am definitely not a morning person. I think I might be a nap person, though. I like to stay up late.

What food would you like to eat every single day if you could?

Pizza, with a side Ceasar salad, please, and a piece of chocolate cake or brownies for dessert.

What size of shoes do you wear?


Do you share every scrappy purchase with your DH?

No, but mostly because he doesn’t care. I’m sure he knows what’s coming in the door in those pizza boxes, but he asks no questions. LOL! I guess that’s why I work those extra jobs!

Do you have a die cutter machine? If so, what?

I do. I have a quickutz squeeze that I haven’t used in a long time, because it’s just easier to do everything with the cuttlebug that’s always out. I just bought a Silhouette SD in January, but I have to admit that I’ve not cut much of anything with it yet.

Please share your favourite project to date.

My latest project is usually my favourite. Here’s a card I made for a friend last month.

Thanks for the interview Lorraine! It has been a real pleasure to know you! Get to know Lorraine because she is wonderful!!!


Neisey said...

Nice to learn a bit more about you Princess Lorraine!

Anonymous said...

You seriously do the best bows, that card is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a bit about you.

Rosie said...

So nice to learn so much about you Pearl :) ! That is a seriously gorgeous card!

Jamie V said...

Nice to find out more about you Pearl... i love that name! TFS :)

Laurie (Wally) said...

Hi Lorraine.. nice to find out more about you...

Stephanie said...

So cool to learn more about you Lorraine!