Thursday, April 8, 2010

Copic Thursday - Coloring with Reds and Pinks

The Reds and Pinks family is a gorgeous set of colours but it can be very challenging to master these colours.

Some tips that helped me are:

The red and darker pinks react differently to the Colourless Blender than other Copic marker colours. Not all the colour is "erased" (for lack of a better word); there is almost always a residual colour.

When colouring with reds and pinks, pay extra attention to colouring TO the line of the image rather than ONTO the line of the image.

Blend, blend, is a strong colour and can overpower the adjoining colours.

There are a few tutorials that I found to be helpful.

Sharon Harnist #1
Sharon Harnist #2
Suzanne Dean #1
Suzanne Dean #2

Here are my samples.

Colours used are: E55, E57, E59, Y11, Y15, RV02, R17, R89, YR21, R01, B32, B34, B37, C00.

I started out small to get the hang of things and practice my fur colouring. I had a wee bit of trouble with the shadowing :oops:

Then I moved out to a flower and a few butterflies to build my confidence.

And here are a couple of Magnolias dressed in pink and red. Again, I wasn't thrilled with the shadows as I was getting obsessed with the reds and pinks techniques. :roll: :oops:

Here is a sample from the fabulous Lorraine!

Hair is E08, E37, E97. Dress is R24, R27, R59.

I hope to see your Copic creations using Red and Pink!

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Maggie Fernandes said...

Reds and pinks....Have to place another order..Thanks for your inspiration V.