Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Rosie, our Guest Designer

Rosie Neustaedter has been our Guest Designer here at Scrap Shotz for the past couple of months. It is high time we get to know her in this fun interview! Enjoy and get to know this great gal!

What name do you usually go by? Do you have a nickname that you could share?

Rosie. That’s short for my full name, Rosalinda, which my Mom has NEVER called me, even when she’s mad at me. My hubby calls me Posie once in awhile so I suppose that’s as close as I get to nickname.

Where do you currently live? Where would you like to live?

I live in a lovely 2 story home in Calgary. I must be honest, I love living in Calgary but I wouldn’t be opposed to “wintering” in Hawaii or Arizona.

Is your scrap area usually neat or creatively messy?

I’d say in between. When I’m in the midst of a project I’ve got stuff all over the place but as soon as I’ve completed that project I’ve got to put it all away or I can’t think about the next one.

Can you tell us one unknown fact about yourself?

I played goaltender in field hockey and my team took second place in the Alberta Summer Games in 1987.

What is your favourite scrapbooking/cardmaking colour?

I don’t know if I have a real favourite. I try to consider the theme of the project, colors of the pictures and recipient of the card when I choose colors. I can tend to get hung up choosing papers. Lately greens and browns appeal to me most.

What tool do you use the most? Why?

Other than my paper trimmer I use my corner rounder the most. I love how it softens the edges of papers/photos since I mostly work with squares.

Describe your scrappy/cardmaking style?

Simple and linear with a splash of accents. I’ve only just began incorporating more embellies in the last couple of years, thanks to Sandy’s kits!

What kind of camera do you use?

Canon Rebel xSi and Canon PowerShot

Do you use your camcorder? What do you use if for?

Sometimes, DH is the videographer in the family. We usually use it to video the kids.

Do you have a scrapbooking and/or cardmaking tip that you could share?

I use my brown inkpad A LOT! I love to add ink around the edges of journaling blocks and patterned paper blocks to give them a bit of pop off the background.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning person.

What food would you like to eat every single day if you could?

Chips! I am a chipaholic.

What size of shoes do you wear?


Do you share every scrappy purchase with your DH?

No and not because I’m trying to hide it just because it’s not terrible interesting to him. He likes to see the finished product!

Do you have a die cutter machine? If so, what?

Yes, Cuttlebug.

Please share your favourite project to date.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us Rosie!

Say "hi" to Rosie and let her know that you have enjoyed the interview and her gorgeous work!


Jess said...

OH Rosie now that I know, we can totally eat chips together! Nice to get to know you a little better! Thanks for the interview!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Rosie.... so nice to get to know you better... thanks for sharing with us...
I too love chips...

Anonymous said...

What a great post...I love getting to know people a little more.

Jamie V said...

Hi Rosie!!!

Great to get to know you better, I can see why that layout is a personal favorite- I love it.

Kelly said...

Rosie! I love that LO. Rosalinda is such a beautiful name. :)

Wendance Designs said...

Great to get to know you better!!!

Heather M. said...

So great to get to know you more Rosie! Love that layout - it's gorgeous!

And I totally would have thought you were a night person - no idea why though.

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us get to know you better Rosie!

Lisa L. said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Lisa L.

AmberT said...

Just beautiful work you do Rosie! So nice to hear all the little details about you!

Neisey said...

Great opportunity to learn more about you - we can never have enough chipaholics in the world!

serena said...

rosie! Alberta Summer Games! that is so cool.