Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is here and along with it - spring cleaning! It always feels so good to clean and reorganize and get ready for a new season around the home. While you're at it, why not refresh your scrapbooking space? The SSZ forum has a great section where we can find inspiration for organizing and creating a great space for your papercrafting needs. Here's a few examples;

I really like the way Kelly's room is not only functional, but visually inspiring as well with this gorgeous wall mural her daughter created,
And don't you just love the way Debby has repurposed spoon shelves as stamp storage?

And you don't need a whole room to yourself for your hobby either, shelving units like this one from Chelsea's space would work just about anywhere in the house to keep things organized;

To check out more fantastic ideas for organizing and decorating your papercrafting space check out the forums HERE, and if you have a great tip to share and photos to help us, please share! We always love seeing how everybody else manages this hobby! ;)

Have a fantastic weekend, and happy scrappin'!


Jess said...

Great topic Amber! There's nothing better than a clean organized scrap room to really get the mojo flowing!

Jen said...

These rooms are so inspiring! Mkaes me realize how much I need to "clean sweep" my scrap area. Great post, Amber!