Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do I Or Don't I???

I am continually tempted by the luscious tools and products put out by manufacturers. Sometimes the tools are bigger and better or the papers are made with a new material or…and the list goes on and on. If you are like me, sometimes I just don’t know if I will even use the product for how I scrap or whether it is something I even want to use or most importantly for me is, can I use the tool or product in multiple ways??? For example, I had the Crop-a-dile and was very happy with this amazing tool. Then its big sister came out, the Big Bite...and after alot of thought, I am the proud owner of the Big Bite. I can't imagine not having this very practical and useful tool.

So how do you decide? What do you do? For myself, I like to read reviews and testimonials of the tools and products. But the reviews need to be factual and objective at the same time. The two sites that I frequent for information are Craft Critique and The Scrap Review. For example, I am very interested in the Silhouette. I have read all your kudos for this product and seen its work but it is a big chunk of change. I did some digging and found this very helpful article here. These two websites have helped me make my decision on the Cuttlebug and Spellbinders and a few other tools...I hope they can help you too!

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Jess said...

Great post V! I love the links to check out new products! I struggle a lot with tool purchases also so it'll be great to really research the next one!

Jen said...

I'm guilty of waffling on tool purchases too, thanks for the helpful links, V.