Monday, June 25, 2012

Instructions: Heidi Swapp Memory File

It seems alot of you loved Rosie's Heidi Swapp Memory File project - it was absolutely beautiful! We are so lucky....Rosie has created some instructions for everyone.

Here we go...

Just wanted to share a few details on how this memory file project came together. I had a LOT of photos I wanted to use so after a bit of surfing on the 'net I settled on creating "mini-books" inside the memory file folder. 

I began with choosing two Colour Magic Memory files and misted them with glimmer mist. Once they were dry I cut one of the files in half to create two "mini folders", you can see them below. They are adhered to the base file with Smash tape and became another area to attach photos directly to and also to attach photo protectors to creating "flip books" within the file. I used a strong double sided adhesive on ribbon to hold the "mini folders" firmly in place on the base file which you can't see in the photo.

My next step was deciding what order I wanted my photos to go in. Once I had them sorted I could see how many for each "section" I  had so I could decide where I needed to use photo protectors to hold additional photos.

You can see from all the images my best friend in this project was Smash tape with a bit of Queen & Co. tape thrown in, basically I wanted to avoid the sewing machine and I like the look of the tape.

In the images above and below, I have adhered photos to the front and back of transparencies and then attached the transparencies to the memory file using Smash tape. The Smash tape becomes the "hinge" so you can flip the "page" . I've done the same thing with photo protector inserts as you can see more clearly below. I cut down an American Crafts 6x12 page protector, inserted the photos and attached the protector to the memory file with Smash tape.

I added the journaling as I completed each "section" along with the stickers. I didn't really have a plan for the embellishments, I basically added them where I "felt" they should go.
Lastly, I added the fringe border to the front inside cover and decorated the front of the Memory file.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea how I put this project together. If you have a specific question I haven't addressed here, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer it for you here.

Thank you Rosie - love the instructions!

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Lorraine said...

Wow! An amazing project! Beautiful, Rosie!