Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabulous Fundamental: Matching Borders

Are you in love with all the different border punch designs available? I know I am!

Recently I created a 2 page layout where I wanted my border to flow from the first page to the second page with the design flowing freely from the first page to the second. And guess what? It is so easy to do!

Let me share it with you here.

First, you will need the joining paper strips and the border punch of your choice. In the picture below, I am using the EK Success border punch that cuts and embosses the design.

Then stack the strips with one strip facing right side up and the other with the back side up. Line the stack of paper up in the middle of the design. Refer to my picture below. (It is important to line the paper strips in the middle of the design as it will make piecing the strips together easier.)

Finish punching the rest of the strip.

Flip the wrong side strip over and piece with the right side strip. Voila! Now the strips line up beautifully and will flow perfectly from the first page to the second page. (Note that I purposely have 2 different sides on my strips for demonstration purposes only.)

Hope you like my tip!

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Lorraine said...

Great pro-tip, V! A useful piece of information! :)