Monday, October 24, 2011

Simply Smashing: Part 1

Have you succumbed to the Smash Book craze??? You know those absolutely adorable books with the coordinating accessories? Well, at Scrap Shotz, many of us have been smashed! Over the next few weeks, I'd like to show you what we have been smashing; I hope you will join me for this simply smashing good time! :-)

Here is an excerpt of Rosie's smash book; I drool every time I look at it!

Sandy carries several different versions of the actual Smash book - when you see them in the store, don't think, just grab them! These sweet books are a hot commodity and are very hard to find...anywhere!

One of the reasons why I adore these books so much is that the Smash Book is a fantastic way to use up all those little left over rubs, chipboard, labels and so on. Combined with the Smash book accessories, your book is stunning and a true reflection of your personality. As you will see in Rosie's books, she has combined the dregs of previous Scrap Shotz kits with the Smash book accents!

Shall we take a peek into Rosie's stunning book! Check out these tabs!

My personal favorite is the Smash Tape - it is easily torn, looks amazing on the page...and has THE cutest black and white polka dot pattern!

Check out the Smash Stickies Rosie used! What are they? Well they are a cross between post it notes and journal spots - fast, easy, cute!

 Don't you love the kid art in Rosie's book? It is memory that you don't want to forget!

Rosie - we are so honoured to have you share your smash book; thank you!

Watch this blog for more Simply Smashing samples!


Jess said...

Love it Rosie! Can't wait to start mine!

Lorraine said...

Fabulous, Rosie! Aren't they just fun! :)

Carol said...

Beautiful Rosie! Love your SMASH book!