Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabulous Fundamental - Distressing Part 2

Before Christmas. I showcased the first of a 3 part series on Design Team Member, Laura Gilhuly's distressing secrets. Here is the second in the series.

Another cool technique is crumpling; that is, taking a piece of paper, crumple it into a ball, unroll and recrumple a different way. (Editor's Note: Is it really that easy????) 

Gently and carefully uncrumple.

Using your ink pad,  directly and gently rub it all over your paper.

It will look something  like...

Add another ink color.

You could stop here. Your project would have plenty of texture and be amazing!
But if you like your paper a little flatter, cover with a white tea towel or paper towel and iron on a med setting until your paper is flat.
It will look something like this....

Now you could go even further if you wish and use your edge distresser and distress the edges.

Don't worry about ripping your papers. If you do, it adds character; the harder you push the more distressed. If you rub your edge distresser back and forth it will be more of a curled edge. If you go in one direction your paper will be more shredded or frayed.

This layout I used inking and my edge distresser.

For this one I used the crumpling and inking techniques

Thank you Laura for sharing your design secrets with us! 


Rosie said...

Thanks for sharing your techniques Laura! Lovely layouts!

RubyM said...

Thanks for sharing this technique with us.