Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Time

It seems that in my life when summertime hits my scrapbooking time gets put on the back burner. Truth be told, I'd rather be outside enjoying the warm weather, playing with my kids, going camping and on vacation than sitting down in the basement (although when the weather is really hot, it's awfully nice to sit in that cool basement). I take far more photos in the summer and have so many stories to tell so while I'm out making those memories, I can be sure that I'm busy giving myself umpteen hours of scrap-worthy material for all those long, cold winter nights that seem to come far too soon and last way too long. So instead of feeling discouraged that I haven't scrapbooked all summer, I remind myself that I'm just getting myself ready for winter.

in Central Park, New York City with my 10 month old son last week

What memories are you busy creating this summer?

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Jess said...

What a great way to think Heather! Now if only I can remember where I am when I take photos I'll really be getting somewhere! LOL